Washington Unemployment Rate ‘Stabilizing’ at 9.2%

Tom Banse provides the latest information on the Washington unemployment rate:

Washington state employers continued to cut jobs last month, but the state’s overall unemployment rate barely changed.

Tuesday, Washington pegged November’s unemployment rate at nine-point-two percent, roughly the same it’s been for the last three months.

State labor economist Dave Wallace says the unemployment rate is holding steady only because some jobless workers are dropping out of the labor force.

Dave Wallace: “Essentially what’s going on, as people fall out of the labor force, it’s either things such as retirement, people moving out of the state, or it could be people giving up looking for work because they felt they weren’t able to find it.”

Oregon’s unemployment rate was also essentially unchanged in November. The Oregon jobless figure, announced Monday, was 11.1 percent.

Idaho used to be substantially better off than its Western neighbors. But Idaho’s latest jobless rate of 9.1 percent has caught up to Washington’s now. For the Latest Florida State Unemployment Rate News Click Here.

Sources: Article by Tom Banse of Oregon Public Broadcasting (http://news.opb.org/article/6392-wash-unemployment-rate-stabilizing/)


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