Unemployment Benefits: Unemployment Extension Ending Explained

Sunday April 4, 2010 marks the temporary end to the unemployment benefits extension. Unlike what many are reporting, your benefits won’t mysteriously end tomorrow; it signifies the last date in which one can file for a new EUC “Tier”.

New York State Department of Labor reported via Congressmen Tonko’s office regarding last week’s “snafu” that claimants still have up until Friday of next week to qualify to move to their next “Tier”.

Sadly this means close to 250,000 other unemployed American’s will in fact see a temporary end to those most needed supplemental dollars. New York State Department of Labor also reminds everyone to continue to claim weekly benefits until they receive a letter stating that they are no longer qualified to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

Unemployed American’s are urged to consult with their landlords and reference the materials on this site, and be very penny wise for the next two weeks, or so. There is a “solid” rumor in Washington that once the benefit extension is passed, that all benefits will be retroactive.

Many other news sites are reporting rumors of “additional benefits” being prepared in the next bill. I can ensure the bill that was stalled in the Senate two weeks ago does not include extra weeks of benefits, simply another reprieve.

WorldNewsVine is in constant touch with several Congressional members and we will hopefully be the first to announce any changes in the plan. Many rumors are abounding regarding a supplemental bill adding additional weeks of unemployment however, we shall neither support nor deny such claims.

One issue is for certain, and one issue that all should be bringing to the attention of Congress is that, even though additional weeks maybe added in the future, this hypothetical number of 8.5% to trigger the emergency benefits should really be revisited and in fact waived until at least years end and/or until which time the job market is replacing at least 500,000 jobs per month. This triggered percentage is a false indicator of the markets, and the ability for long-term unemployed to return to their respective fields of employment.

Even with 500,000 jobs per month being added to the market it will still take almost a year to reemploy those that have lost all their benefits and those that are currently collecting unemployment benefits whether they be, Emergency Unemployment Benefits, or the standard Benefit claim.

We have every bit of confidence in the Democratic leadership of both this administration and Congress to get the job done. It will once again take only one republican to stand in the way of help and hope to those that need it the most, America’s unemployed workforce.

God bless, be patient help is on the way and for the sake of yourself and children do not travel down that same road so many right-wing nut cases have, and cause yourself life-long pain and suffering. Have faith in the Democratic Leadership, and if you live in a state or district that is controlled by the GOP contact the Democratic National Committee and see if they need volunteers in your area to bring permanent and positive change to this great nation.

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