Unemployment Benefits Extended by State

The state are now offering unemployment benefits extensions. Wesh.com has more:

The record unemployment rate means people who lose their jobs are spending more time than ever looking for a new position.For many, that means filing for extensions for their unemployment benefits. The state is giving those people online help to get that cash coming as quickly as possible.Approximately 80,000 unemployed Floridians who have exhausted all benefits can go online at www.floridajobs.com to file for emergency unemployment. They can also file by mail.Unemployed construction worker Dan Betwinek filed on Monday.”Got my confirmation number and everything, now it’s just a matter of waiting for them to send a letter stating what my benefit amount will be,” he said. Clarence Walker, a painter, contactor, and cook.,applied online too.”I can’t say it’s enough because you know of the present situation, but something is better than nothing right now,” he said.Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation said another 140,000 will roll into the program automatically.”We are sending notifications to everyone who will be eligible or potentially eligible beginning for this program beginning this week in the mail so they won’t need to wonder whether or not,” spokeswoman Victoria Langley Heller said.The maximum benefit in Florida is $300 a week.”We anticipate everyone should receive their checks, their payments that they are eligible for, within two weeks of filling out an application and getting it back to us,” Heller said.

Is this a good idea, or are they just digging themselves a deeper hole?

Source: http://www.wesh.com/news/21889908/detail.html


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