California Unemployment Rate January 2010 Steady at 12.4%

Mariam Ayub has the latest on the Californian Unemployment Rate for January 2010:

Unemployed California students are faced with stiff job competition as residents of the state with the largest job loss percentage in the nation in 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The national unemployment rate is 9.7 percent as of January 2010 and California’s unemployment rate stands at 12.4 percent from figures in December 2009 according to the BLS.

These statistics could be a concern for college students as they grapple with finding decent and reliable employment amidst rising tuition costs and heavy competition for those positions available in their field.

“It’s been really rough the past few years because you’re inexperienced and unqualified for most of the jobs, even ones that require minimal skills,” Bounpheng Bounchaleun, 20-year-old economics major said.

Cosumnes River College’s Economics Professor Richard Le summarized what a lot of students are dealing with as they go out into the current job market.

“Employers look for the best potential employees,” Le said. “If experienced adults are having a hard time finding jobs, then it will be even more difficult for students seeking employment.”

One solution is to think outside the box when looking for employment.

“Students should browse the Internet,” Le said. “Information is valuable and you just have to learn how to find it.”

One site that offers just such an approach is

Providing a service to help give families a safe and easy way to connect with local care providers, the site offers babysitting, pet-sitting, senior care, housekeeping, tutoring or other care-giving needs, said Mike Nagel,’s online producer.

“Student schedules can be crazy,” Nagel said in an e-mail interview. “With class schedules changing every semester, holiday breaks and summers away from campus, it’s not easy to hold down a typical job.”

“Many students are looking to find jobs that work around their hours,” Nagel added. “That’s what does.”

While being creative in a job search is helpful in looking for employment, being prepared is also an important skill and can add to a good job search toolkit.

“Learn how to prepare a good resume and what to do in an interview,” Le said.

The Co-op Work Experience and Internships Program provides a variety of services and is located on campus in room BS-106.

Students can get resume or interviewing tips, as well as look into internships or co-op opportunities in a field related to their major.

CRC Internship Developer Leigh Ann Rogers said one of the best ways for students to arm themselves and be prepared in this economy is to seek internships and work experience opportunities.

“Internship experiences are a very important step toward employment success because it gives students the opportunity to gain actual hands-on experience in his/her chosen career, to make connections, network with professionals in their field and to be monitored throughout the process,” Rogers said.

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